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would love to translate this one into german! hit me a message if you interested.

i love this! i love the colours, and i like how the background chatter made it harder for me to focus, just like i have a hard time hearing people in loud environments lol.  i wonder which of these characters i am most like....

yessssss good colours good path and it stresses me out a tiny bit imagining being here- love it

The cat...

This is so fun, I really like the atmosphere you've created. The colours are delicious. 

I dig it.

Love it! The colours are really nice and the background sound of a crowd is super effective. Feels super well polished.

Is... Is it really bitsy-made? ...So many colors! Nice subject too

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he probably used tons of Bitsy Hacks but I feel like that kinda breaks the purpose of the Bitsy Game Jam...

nah this is good


Don't get me wrong, the game is very good. But I, personaly, don't think it fits on a Bitsy jam.

beware of the killer cat

Hey nice to see you release a new game, I love the critique on modern art and the pretentiousness of some artist thinking the art has to evoque certain feelings when art is such a hard concept to grasp most of the time as artist we are just having thoughts of things that we are interested in, but we cannot really tell how did that thought originated we just go with it, and people are so different to each other how could you transmit the same feeling over multiple personalities, anyway I'll stop here since I'm starting to sound pretencious haha.