Ask your doctor today if coffee, and ogling boys is right for you!

HOW DRINKING COFFEE DAILY GOT ME FIRED! is a fun game  about coffee, office romance and daydreaming at work. In it, you share an office with 3  colleagues you get to chat up during coffee breaks!

Key Features:

• Make your colleagues blush to undress and ogle them
• Grow closer to them with each conversation
• Choose every word uttered by the protagonist
• Choose the name of your gender-neutral character
• 3 romanceable characters, multiple professional, and romantic outcomes.

The 3 bachelors:

Aadil, the trusted accountant. Driven and rigorous, he hides an emotional side. He mostly keeps to himself during breaks but sometimes cuts the conversation with factoids about climate change.

Gianni, the flaky intern. Full of energy and unearned confidence, he is never not talking. Proud above everything else of his italian roots, he looks forward to being challenged in life, more than in his job.

Mamadu, the senior salesman. Collected and knowledgeable, he is the rock everyone clings to. Passionate about workers' rights, the first of which is the right to a lengthy coffee break. (Not available in the demo).


"The conversations with love interests made me feel like I actually had to listen and choose subtly different ways of phrasing a thought. It was an exercise in understanding" Joesph Langon,

⚠️ The demo is NOT R18+, but the final version should be, as an option.
© Watermelon Script created by Misti's Fonts. Music by Tallbeard Studios.

Updated 16 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date Jul 31, 2018
GenreVisual Novel
TagsColorful, Dating Sim, Erotic, Funny, LGBT, Life Simulation, meaningful-choices, Multiple Endings, Romance, satire
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button


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when will the full game be released

Hi Martin!
This version was made and written in 10 days, so our next step is updating the demo first, to add a few things (Mamadu's route notably) and polish it a little, probably before the end of 2019, and probably release the final version shortly after.
We'll keep you posted, thanks for your interest!

This is such a treat for two Jam submission at once. The minimalist art style, the BGM, the banter, the dialogue option of approaches to each bachelors; all are complementing each other to form the pleasant atmosphere of a break in a hectic workdays. But I found that the BGM stops abruptly in the middle of first day, is it a bug or intentionally not available before the full complete version?

Anyway, shifting to my impression to the bachelors => (BEWARE SPOILER AND FAVORITISM)

Aadil : From his taste of coffee, tendency to management of time and resource, and the fact he is a game, I FINALLY FOUND AN ELIGIBLE VIRTUAL HUSBANDO CANDIDATE......who for my lack of flirting skill would likely be another case of brotherhood or even friendzone.  Anyway, he will be a lovable route to try. Oh, and I found overlapping images through his route, precisely when Violet asked about my work on the receipt.

Gianni : He sometimes could come as irresponsible and sealed other who try to be close to him, but there are also charm in his laid back way which sure intrigues me to uncover his background story.... just hope there won't be a literal bones in the closet ^^;

Mamadu : Tbh, he is my second *taking deep breath* ELIGIBLE HUSBANDO CANDIDATE just from his choice of coffee and he is a senior, yeah I like older guy so what. But, because further character consideration isn't available, Aadil still wins my heart to the next update *sit waiting patiently forthe route of my knight of worker's right*

Inspite of Jeanine's caution, meeting these trio in workplace every day certainly turn the focus from work no matter how many cups of coffee the MC drinks and I can't wait to see the complete eye candy novel :'D

Glad to see you liked the guys of the office!
Thank you for your feedback, we'll look into the bugs you mentioned right away!

This game hits so close to home because I also work in an (design) office environment and have to deal with receipts and coffee chats, haha. I love the artwork, and the look+feel of the game feel very trendy and minimalistic :) Looking forward to playing the full version some time soon!!

Just played through. The game works on Android so that's a bonus =) it'll be easy for people on the go. 

Artwork is beautiful. The style is new to me but I like it. 

Music didn't work unfortunately. 

I found a typo: 

Gianni "go out of a slice or a kebab" I think you mean to say "go out for a slice" 

This is a visually beautiful game. None of the boys really grabbed my interest (if anything their personalities sort of annoyed me) but that's just due to personal preference. 

Keep up the good work! 

Sorry you didn't click with the guys... but thanks for your detailed feedback anyway!
Regarding the music, it may be a browser compatibility problem, what are your specs?

Interesting game! Very nice combination of music, artwork and story. I'm sorry but I couldn't finish it, my boss came in the room and I had to close the browser.

this is so funny and cute but omg the mustaches make them look so weird LOL

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the kind feedback! You get used to mustaches, you'll see! 
But maybe we'll make an opt out menu for facial hair when we have the time...